23 Dec

Weird Materials found in Appendix

Appendicitis happens due to the inflammation of the appendix. The inflammation in most cases is because of the faeces inside the appendix which causes infection and the subsequent inflammation. Sometimes cancer in the appendix can also happen and this can be the reason for appendicitis. In my experience I have seen some weird materials inside the appendix as I cut open them to examine after the appendix has been removed.

Foreign objects inside the digestive system

Generally the foreign objects that have been swallowed accidentally comes out of our digestive system through the faeces. This happens most of the time and the soft faeces that covers these foreign objects help them inadvertently in eliminating them from the body. Even sharp objects like pin can come out of the digestive system without causing much harm to the internal organs in most circumstances.

How does a foreign object enter the appendix?

Many times it has also been observed that a foreign body accidentally ingested while having food or swallowed can enter the appendix under rare circumstances. This mostly happens when the weight of the ingested foreign object is greater than the bowel content and the foreign object gravitating to the lower portion of the cecum. When the opening of the appendix expands at that time, then an entry of the foreign object into the appendix is a possibility. Once inside the appendix, there is no mechanism to expel the foreign object back to the cecum.

My experience – Foreign objects found in appendix

In my years of experience doing appendix removal surgery or appendicitis surgery, I have seen materials like buttons, bones, pins, peas (the dry one – பட்டாணி) We actually cut open the appendix after removing them from the body and observe what is the root cause of inflammation of the appendix. We do it for two reasons. One is because we need to understand the nature of the foreign body if at all it is present. Second reason is sometimes tumours could be present and that may be the reason of the appendicitis. If there are tumour tissues found, we will send them for biopsy and also we would examine during the appendix removal surgery if the tumour has spread to other part of the digestive track. So examining the severed appendix is a mandatory procedure.

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